Spray Insulation

Spray Insulation

At ColourCoat ltd, we are experts at supplying and installing Icynene spray foam insulation products for ceilings, crawlspaces, floors and walls for superior air sealing results.

Icynene is light and adheres onto substrates very strongly which means that it will never collapse or degrade, even after very long periods of time. Sprayed directly onto the walls, Icynene foam insulation will expand fast, reduce cold spots and block unwanted air infiltration. Icynene spray foam insulation was featured on Channel 4’s Grand Designs to showcase just how beneficial it is for domestic properties. It was used in the ceilings, floors and walls in the inspiring Treehouse project. 


The Benefits of Icynene

Reduces Airborne Irritants

Improves Air Quality

Reduces Cold Spots

Prevents Condensation

Reduces Airborne Irritants

Comes with a 25 Year Guarantee

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