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Roof Cleaning

Removing moss & algae can add years to the lifespan of any roof. It also massively improves the overall aesthetic appearance of a property. 


Moss Removal


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Using ladders & safety harnesses we rarely require the use of a full-size scaffold. if required we use cherry pickers & scissor lifts. 


Depending on the type of roof & tiles, we will either jet wash or hand scrub the tiles (Certain tiles are too fragile to be jet washed). 


We then replace any broken tiles and carry out any repairs that may be needed, such as repairing mortar on the ridge/valleys and any lead work. 


A spray applied biocidal wash is the next step to stop the growth of moss/algae in the future. 


We then recommend a clear sealant such as Properla water repellent. This keeps the roof dry by stopping the build-up of moisture, thus preventing moss from growing in the future. See roof coatings for more info. 


Whilst on the roof we also unblock the gutters and downpipes leaving them clean & functioning as they should be. We also remove and take away any moss and debris that has been removed in the process. 

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