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Roof Coatings

Roof Coatings

ColourCoat offer a variety of different roof coatings specified to our clients needs. Roof coatings can be used to protect and seal roofs from moisture and the elements, and can also be used to improve the aesthetic look of a roof. A coloured roof coating can make a roof look brand new without the cost/hassle of replacing an old roof. 

roof coating coloured

Coloured Roof Coatings

Coloured roof coatings are a fantastic way of revitalizing a properties overall look. To the untrained eye a coloured roof coating looks like a brand new roof. Coloured roof coatings look great and can increase a properties curb appeal/ value.  

After cleaning a roof off in preparation for one of our coloured roof coatings, we spray an anti fungal solution to stop the growth of algae/moss.  After this we spray apply our coloured coating to the roof, creating a fantastic brand new looking roof.

All of our coloured roof coatings are specially designed to create an impermeable water barrier, thus increasing the life span of the roof. 

Our coloured roof coatings come in a variety of colours to suit our clients needs. 

roof tile coloured

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