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Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning

Moss and algae tends to grow in damp shaded areas which have a lack of natural sunlight. Overtime patches of moss left alone can damage the tiles on your roof causing them to decay. Moss can hold a lot of moisture which can lead to the roof developing damp issues, which can lead to expensive repairs. 

Removing the moss and algae can put years on to the lifespan of any roof, and can also greatly improve the aesthetics of any property. 

roof cleaning

This series of pictures demonstrates the damage that can be done when moss is left to grow on a roof. As you can see the roots have literally grown through the tile, shearing it in half. 

Typical Roof Cleaning Process

Every roof is individual and has different needs. When contacting ColourCoat for a quotation you will receive a detailed survey which includes all the recommended treatments and repairs that will take place. 

1- Safely gain access to roof using ladders and safety harnesses (we rarely have the need for a full size scaffold).

2. Depending on the type of roof and tiles, we will either jet wash or hand scrub the tiles (certain tiles are too fragile to be jet washed) 

3. We then replace any broken tiles and carry out any repairs that might be needed, such as repairing the mortar on the ridge/valleys and any lead work.

4. Spray apply a biocidal wash to stop the growth of moss/algae in the future. 

5. We then usually recommend spray applying a clear sealant such as Properla water repellent. This keeps the roof dry by stopping the build up of moisture, thus preventing moss from growing in the future. See Roof Coatings for more info.

6.Whilst we are on the roof we also unblock the gutters and down pipes, leaving them clean and functioning. 

Before and After

roof cleaning
roof cleaning

Once your roof has been cleaned, why not install one of our water repelling clear or coloured coatings!

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